Callbox Lifestyle Partners

Reward yourself pampered as we partner with local establishments to bring their services within your reach as lifestyle partners.

With Prive+, you can enjoy jaw-dropping discounts from a wide range of products and services from our selected partners. Enjoy this amazing perk when you sign up with us!

60:40 by Beans & Grind

Milk Tea
  • * 10% off on all cold brews

Sweet tooth satisfaction, personalized.


Milk Tea
  • * 10% discount
  • * Free delivery (with P300.00 minimum order)

Indulge yourself with some addicting bubbly goodness of milk tea.

Auntie Anne's

Baked Goodies
  • * Free delivery to your office for bulk orders ( Minimum of Php 500 from 10am-10pm)
  • * 10% discount

Twisted goodness, baked to golden perfection.

Azul Latin Bistro

  • * 5% discount for bill of P500.00 above
  • * Purchased gift card with Discount

Enjoy a premium customer experience where satisfaction is a guarantee.

B Lifestyle Complex

Co-working Space, Hotel, Gym, Salon, Restaurant
  • * 50% discount on subscription
  • * Bed+Bath: 15% off on all our rooms for short-term stay
  • * Barn: 15% off the bill with a minimum of P500 single receipt
  • * Bonds: automatic member rates on all our services and 10% off on Boardroom rentals
  • * Blush: 15% off the bill on all our regular services
  • * Balance Wellness Gym & Spa
  • * Gym: P999 monthly gym use
  • * Spa: 10% off on all services (except bundles)
  • * Blink: 15% off the total bill
  • * Basics: 10% off with a minimum of P300 single receipt
  • * Breezy: 10% off on drop-off laundry with a minimum of 8KG
  • * Note: This does not apply on top of other existing promos. Cash basis only

Experience pampering on all aspects that is sure to make you holistic.

Bloom by Whiteroom

Beauty Lounge
  • * 5% on all glutathione products push or drip, facial services and nails spa (manicure and pedicure)
  • * 10% on gel nail polish

Let your beauty shine with the right products and services to match.

Bubble Cones

  • * 5% discount

Your sweet tooth cravings in a cone.

Bugoy's Seafood Restaurant

  • * 5% discount on total bill

Seafood and seaside to excite your palatte.

Byron's - Smallville Iloilo

  • * 10% off for every order (Dine-in, Take out, Delivery)
  • * Free delivery (in-house order)

Humble dining experience for every household.

Cafe Ula

  • * PhP10.00 off on all drinks / Free gift cards

Take a sip of premium brewed coffee beans within their humble establishment.

Caked HQ

Vape Shop
  • P20.00 - P50.00 discount

Your favorite flavors in vapor form.


Food and Tea Shop
  • * 10% discount on food
  • * 15% off on drinks (milk tea, coffee)
  • * Free delivery to Callbox office (with minimum orders of 5 drinks or meals)

Tickle your tastebuds with the authentic taste of Thai cuisine.

Coffee Stroll

  • * 10% discount for every 5 purchase of an employee

Let coffee beans tell the tale of the different parts of the archipelago.

Cup Talks

  • * 10% off on all expresso products
  • * 10% off on all pasta dishes
  • * 30% off on second order of Americano

Pouring happiness and positivity in a cup.

DC: Your Place, Your Moment

  • * 10% off on total bill of Callbox employees
  • * 20% off on delivery fee of minimum P300.00 order

Food that brings you to the moment.

DinoBikes Co.

  • * P500.00 off to every bike purchase
  • * 5% discount on bike acessesories

Pedal kicks for the buck.

Eco-Savers Internation Corp

Cleaning Products
  • P5.00 off (per bottle) on 1-liter bottles
  • P10.00 off (per gallon) on 1 gallon
  • Less P3.00 per kilo on powder laundry detergent

Pocket-friendly hygiene products that are also eco-friendly.

Fitness United Center

  • 20% off gym membership to 2 gym use fee
  • 15% off in gym classes

Achieve the best you through fitness and wellness.

Flipz Burgers

  • 5% discount total order
  • P190.00 for a Cool Box Meal
  • Free delivery to Callbox office with P500.00 minimum order
  • All Flipz Burger promo available to all Callboxer all-year round

Combined goodness, stacked or wrapped.

Glory's Cafe 3rd Gen

  • * 10% on all of Glory's Cafe product

Expressing an embraced tradition through food and culinary.

Griller's Smallville

  • * 10% off for every order (Dine-in, Take out, Delivery)
  • * Free delivery (in-house order)

Humble dining experience for every household.

Grip Hyperwash Carwash

  • * PhP10.00 off on Coffee / Gift Cards

Giving cars a squeaky-clean service they deserve.

Hotel Del Rio

  • 10% discount applicable on all cakes, ready-to-heat meals, be the chef, shake it salad, power juices, and ala carte menu
  • 20% discount for those who are celebrating their birthday this year, 2021.

Bringing you the epitome of relaxation with food for every taste.

House of Brows Aesthetics and Academy

Beauty Lounge
  • 50% off on all semi-permanent make up services
  • 10% off on top of any ongoing promotions for aesthetic services
  • 10% off on all HOB merchanise

Passing the wonders of beauty to everyone.

Hunger Pill

  • * 5% discount on all of our products

Drizzled goodness in every bite.


  • 10% discount

Grilled goodness with a twist of fun.

La Bomba Boutique Cafe

  • 10% discount

Tickling your sweet tooth through sipping and munching.

Loco Coffee

  • * 10 % discount (Applicable to all branches)
  • * Free delivery to Callbox office (no minimum orders)

Industry Tagline is in this portion, tagline will be updated soon

Maycee's Lechon

  • 10% discount

Serving you the staple of every feast, any time of the day.

Mangga Namit

  • 10% off on total purchase

A treat in a cup for mango lovers.

Meraki Beauty Hub

Beauty Lounge
  • * 5% discount on all of our services

Transformation beyond your imagination.

MLKT Mandurriao

Milk Tea
  • 10% discount

A taste of Taiwan with a hint of boba.

Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage - Iloilo City

  • 10% discount

Stress relief that feels out-of-the-country.

Owen's Eat All You Can

  • * 20% off on total bill

Serving a belly-ful of satisfaction.


  • * 20% discount

Chinese cuisine, via street style.

Park Inn by Radisson

  • * 20% discount on DISH and ANI Restaurant
  • * Corporate Room Rates:
    • - Single Room (3,400)
    • - Standard Double Room (3,800)

Contemporary ambiance elevating the relaxation experience.

Richmonde Hotel Iloilo

  • * 10% discount on food and beverage orders (except pastry items and special offerings)
  • * P3,000.00 special rate per person on monthly access to swimming pool
  • * P350.00 discount rate per person on daily pool use (once pool is available for use of non-in house guests)

A taste of luxurious hotel experience.

Salt Gastro Lounge

  • * Free delivery within city proper (for every P1,000.00 minimum purchase)

Satisfying your senses all over with food that delivers.

Samgyeop In Style

  • * 8% exclusive discount for Callbox Employees for a minimum purchase of 500 pesos
  • * BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT EATS FOR FREE (With 4 full paying guests)
  • * 5% discount applies on SET C or SET D for deliveries. (Photo of ID should be sent upon booking online

Indulge to Korean-style dining experience.


  • * 10% discount on all Samgyupkart food and drinks
  • * 15% discount on Samgyupkart Express Super Savers
  • * The discounts are exclusively available at the Iloilo Branch

Korean barbecue on-the-go.

Sate Babe Iloilo BBQ House

BBQ House
  • P30.00 off for a purchase of P500.00 / Gift Cards

Mouth-watering grilled goodness you'll indulge.

Selftea Lab Iloilo

Milk Tea
  • * PhP30.00 off for a purchase of 500 / Gift Cards

Take your selfie and milk tea game to the next level.

Sensation Wellness & Spa

Spa & Wellness
  • 20% discount on massage
  • 15% discount on nail services
  • 10% on other services

A complete pampering experience from top to bottom.


Milk Tea
  • 10% off for every order (Dine-in, Take out, Delivery)
  • Free delivery (in-house order)

A bubbly Taiwanese taste in every sip.

Skittish Skin Craving Tattoo Studio

Tattoo shop
  • P500.00 discount for every minimal tattoo
  • 10% to 15% off for large piece tattoo
  • 25% discount in every graphic arts, logos, wall mural and event posters

Makes your skin the best mural for the best art.


Spa & Wellness
  • 10% discount on Hair Services
  • 7% Discount for Coffee and Nail Services

Wellness and coffee goodness combined in one.

SunnyTea.Ph - Mandurriao

Milk Tea
  • 15% discount on Mandurriao branch
  • P10.00 off on MV Hechanova branch

A sip of sunshine in every cup.

Tako Tako PH

  • * 10% discount

A piece of authentic taste of the Japanese culture.


  • * Buy 2 boxes of Portuguese Egg Tart for only Php. 350.00 Save 50 pesos
  • * Buy 3 boxes of Portuguese Egg Tart get 1 box for free and save 200 pesos
  • * Buy 2 cucumber lemonade for 100 pesos and save 20 pesos

Bite into the tarty taste of Macau.

Teling's: Coffee + Bakery

Food & Drink
  • 10% discount

Bringing you the perfect pair for play and unwind.

TFA Bikeshop

Bike Shop
  • * 5% discount to all Callboxers

Satisfying your pedal fever needs.


  • * Grocery freebies

One-stop doorstep for your necessities.

TFA Party Needs & Bakery Supplies

Party Goodies
  • * Grocery freebies

One-stop doorstep for your necessities.

TFA Print Shop

Printing Services
  • Waiting for official discounts

One-stop doorstep for your necessities.

Thai Royale Spa General Luna

  • * 5+1 Same Service Gift Certificates
  • * Plus 10% special discounts on our Best Seller Package 4

Rejuvenate through Thai relaxation.

The Noodle Bar

Ramen Shop
  • * 10% discount to all Callbox Employees

An exquisite Japanese taste in every bowl.

The Sneaker Nurse

  • * P100.00 off to services

For the love of sneakers.

Urban Fitness

  • * 50% off to gym rates

Your fitness goal is never out of reach.

Citadel Vapours

  • * 5% discount on e-juice products
  • * Free first-party delivery (Third-party delivery will incur charges)

Your vapor needs, satisfied.

Davao Instax Films

  • * 5% discount on all instax cameras, and printers (not applicable on sale items)
  • * 3% discount on all instax firlms (not applicable on sale items)
  • * P5.00 off on Instax printing services (no minimum prints required)

Don't just collect memories, print 'em!

Don Katsu Diner

  • * 10% discount for all dine-in, take-out, and pick-up transactions
  • * 15% when total amount exceeds P1000 (Not applicable on Grab / FoodPanda orders)
  • * 10% discount & free delivery to Callbox office at P1000 minimum amount (Not applicable on Grab / FoodPanda orders)

Serving Korean goodness in a bowl.

Eden Nature Park & Resort

  • * 40% discount on rooms accommodation except during Holy week, New year, December, April-May

Where everything goes together.

Espresso Lab

  • * 5% off on all products (does not stack with other price cuts; only effective on one purchase a day)

Coffee uniting people.

Fix My Mac

  • * Waived diagnostic fee - Free diagnostics for enrolled company units
  • * 15% discount on service / labor fee
  • * Extended credit terms once service request tier gas been achieved

IT services with extra peace of mind.

G-Corner's Cafe

  • * 5% discount on total bill
  • * 10 + 1 free for P289.00 unli-chicken orders

An adventure for the foodie within you.

Ink Digger Tattoo

Tattoo Shop
  • * 10% discount on small tattoos
  • * 20% discount on bigger tattoos

Helping everyone express themselves through ink.

Khit's Silogan

  • * 10% off (All menu items except buy 1, take 1)

Your breakfast buddy, any time of the day.

King and Queen Tea - Ponciano

Milk Tea
  • * 15% off for single order (Highness)

A royal taste for exquisite flavor seekers.

LHealthy Shop

  • * 15% discount on store menu
  • * 10% discount on meal plan availment
  • * 10% discount on company bulk orders

Wellness starting from within.

Malagos Garden Resort

  • * 25% price cut on select rooms
  • * 10% off on food and beverage from restaurant outlets

Reconnect to the realm of mother nature.

Medieval MNL

  • * 10% discount to all Medieval MNL products during the duration of this partnership except on sale campaigns
  • * Voucher Code: MEDIBOX
  • * Exclusive voucher code during sale campaigns, provided via Instagram DM

Luxury expressed through blings.

Shatter + Kebab

  • * 15% discount on all menus
  • * Eat-all-you-can kebab at P295/pax

Mediterrenean cuisine next to your doorstep.

Spin & Clean

Laundry Shop
  • * P5.00/kilo on self-service
  • * P20.00/kilo on drop-off
  • * P50.00/kilo on comforters and curtains

Tumbling your clothes to freshness.

South Paws Vet

Pet Shop
  • * 20% Professional Fee discount; 1 pet per card holder
  • * 50% discount on quarterly deworming
  • * 5% discount on minor surgery, 10% discount on major surgeries
  • * FREE annual anti-rabies (1 pet per card holder)

Your furry babies are in good hands.

The Bloom Cafe

  • * 5% discount on all food and drinks (except cake and pastries)
  • * Free 12oz Caffe Americano for every order of our homemade breakfast meals

Fueling your career with a plate and cup of delicacy.

The Dough Story

  • * 10% discount on all Artisan Cookies (NY Style and TDS Special), and Basque-Burnt Cheesecakes

Dough-y goodness in every bite.


  • * 10% discount for food and drinks (from 12:00 NN to 5:00 PM)

The best food served for your soul.

Balai Uno

  • * 10% discount of the total bill (individual)

A place you call your second home where home-styled cooking completes the equation.

Barrio Subang

  • * 8% on all purchase items (excluding KTV per hour rent but will apply on KTV packages
  • * Free pulutan on every hour of KTV rent
  • * Free pulutan every 6 bottles of beer

Showcasing the fun and talent of the Siargao locals.

Beyond Myo

  • * 10% off all employees on our services and for those with gift vouchers(*gift voucher + 10%) just present your call box IDs

Claim back your wellness and peacefulness.

Bulan Villas

  • * 10% discount in pizzeria
  • * 10% discount on rooms and villas

Breakfast in bed with a twist of pizza.

Cafe Loka

  • * 10% discount food and drinks
  • * 10% discount Cafe Loka bar
  • * P150.00 per session rate on SOS Studio classes for Callboxers
  • * 10% discount on SOS Studio classes for Prive Card holders

Your laid-back-moment demands, in a bundle.

Calle Grill

  • * 15% discount (Callbox exclusive)
  • * 1 FREE nacho for every 5 Callboxer order
  • * Bring five (5) non-Callboxer friends, and you'll get one (1) free order of your choice

The best Mexican bites in the island.


  • * 10% discount on food items
  • * 15% discount on Calypso signature cocktails, excluding Calypso GNT and Kombucha Cocktails
  • * Breakfast delivery, with 10pm cut-off for orders placed the night prior. Delivery will be from 7:30am to 8:00am

Food and booze to keep you going.

Catangnan Pares

  • * 10% discount food and drinks (from 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM)

The perfect food to 'pares' with the island experience.


  • * 10% discount for 1 order of kinilaw or ceviche for 1 callbox employee only.
  • * 10% discount for 1 order of CEV specialty cocktail for 1 callbox employee only.
  • * This discount will only be honored if the callbox employee presents his/her employee ID.
  • * This discount cannot be used for multiple orders or to get discounts for friends and family.

Seafood galore to satiate your hunger.

Corner Cafe

  • * 10% discount on all products

Relaxation in its simplest form.

Craft Tank

  • * Free coffee for every meal order (08:00 AM to 10:00 AM)
  • * 10% Discount on food and drinks (Callboxer exclusive)
  • * 10th meal becomes free

The house that crafters built.

Crossfit Siargao

  • * Sponsored classes

The summer bod buddy.


Food Distribution
  • * Special prices on various food products
  • * Free delivery within GL

Daily necessities within your fingertips.

Deli Street

  • * 10% discount on deli meats and cheeses
  • * 15% discount on sandwiches

A street of great delicacy.

Eyog Dental Clinic

  • * Free Oral Comprehensive Examination (for Orthodontic Treatment, Periodontic Treatment, Cosmetic Treatment, Oral Surgery, and Prosthodontic Treatment), Consultation, or Check-up
  • * 10% discount on General Procedures (Simple Tooth Extraction, Oral Prophylaxis (dental cleaning), Dental Filling (pasta)
  • * Installment basis on prosthodontic treatment (removable partial or complete denture), Fixed Partial Denture (Crown & Bridges) with a minimum of 40% to 50% downpayment

Here to give smiles that radiate.

Fat Lips

Outdoor and Sporting Goods
  • * 15% discount on any products except Havaianas sandals

Completing your island experience through fashion and convenience.

Fili Beans

  • * 10% on all drinks only

Where coffee meets elegance.

Food Street Siargao

  • * 10% on all menu items

Yummy and fun, in the island.

Gawa Gawa

Community Space
  • * 10% discount on workshop space use (Callbox exclusive)
  • * 10% discount on workshop classes

Sustainability and satisfaction in every bubbly sip.

Generals Brew

Milk Tea
  • * 5% discount for every purchase
  • * Additional 5% discount if you have your own cup/tumbler

Sustainability and satisfaction in every bubbly sip.

Greenhouse Siargao

Beach Resort
  • * 15% discount on in-store items of Kudo Surf, Organic, Vissla, Sisstr, WSL, and Vans

Experience authentic beach accommodation and connect with the tropical energy.


Clothing Line
  • * 15% discount on all Gwapitos items

Made by surfers, for the surfers.

Hab Hab

  • * 5% off on the total food bill, not including drinks.

IServing goodness for every appetite.


  • * 10% discount on foods and drinks

Here, comfort and satiation awaits.


Beach Resort
  • * 20% discount on food and beverages - single receipt
  • * Buy 2 take 1 on house cocktails from opening till closing

The final piece for a perfect beach getaway.

Harry's Corner

  • * 10% discount (except for ‘Weekly Promotionals’)

Your little haven for a tropical getaway.

Higala Hostel

  • * 15% discount for the daily room rates

The epicenter of the perfect accommodation.

Ink Focus

Tattoo Shop
  • * 20% on all tattoos

The art of inking in its peak craft.

Just in Key, Dupli-Key

Key Duplication
  • * 5% discount

Security and peace of mind, yours to keep.

Kanin Baboy

  • * 10% discount

Tickling the pork junky inside you.

Kook Cafe

  • * Free chocolate chip cookie for every coffee order
  • * 15% loyalty card

A guilt-free corner where health is, indeed, wealth.

KS Boardriders Surf Shop

Surfing Goodies
  • * 20% discount on foods and drinks

The surfer's go-to door for surfing needs.

Kung-Fu Ganda

  • * 10% discount on foods

A dine-in experience where everything hits close to home.


  • No discount

A bite of mindfulness.

La Carinderia

  • * 15% on food and drinks

A mix of culture in every plate.

Lami Siargao

Food and drink
  • * 10% discount for food and drinks from 12:00 NN to 5:00 PM

A cozy cove for the laid-back.

Lemon Laundry

  • * 10% discount (Free pick up. Delivery is not available)
  • * 10% discount - Self service every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday)

All your washing needs in one roof.

Lotus Shore

  • * 10% discount on food and drinks at Kali Ma Cafe
  • * 10% discount on yoga classes

A retreat for the mindful and conscious.

Lunares Cafe

  • * 15% discount to all card holders with proof of ID (at the shop only)
  • * 20% from 3PM-6PM (at the shopy only)

Satisfying your palette and eyes in one.


  • * 10-15% off on selected items

Comfort and entertainment at its peak.

Mama Coco

  • * 10% discount

Showcasing the classic Filipino taste.

Mauloa PH

Spa, Cafe
  • * 20% discount on all spa services
  • * 10% discount on selected items in the boutique
  • * 10% discount for cafes, drinks, and food/pastries

The epitome of sanctuary.


  • * 10% off on all food items

A taste of Mexican wildness for you to take on.


Crafts Shop
  • * 10% on Mispo items

A home of exquisite artisan crafts.

Moonpath Yacht

  • * 8% discount (Callbox exclusive)

Island experience in class.


Hotel and Restaurant
  • * 10% discount on all Nirvana high food, regular days and special events of Nirvana

A hotel experience that takes you to Nirvana.

Oido Music

  • * First lesson comes for free; 10% off on succeeding lessons
  • * 20% discount on booking of 10 classes
  • * 20% discount on recording studio

Molding the generation through music.

Paraiso Eco-Alternatives

  • * 10% off all Paraiso premium refills
  • * Special monthly product discounts
  • * P550.00 for 5 item promos for reusable menstrual pads (any size) with wet bag (exclusive for Callbox employees)

Sustainable use for a sustainable life.

Payag Kitchen

  • * 10% discount on all food items (on single receipt)
  • * 10% discount on regular rates per accommodations

Good food for a better bond.

Prints Charming

Printing Services
  • * 10% for callbox use, 7% for employees.

You name it, call it printed.

Rad Tattoo

Tattoo Shop
  • * 30% discount

Your tattoo wish is their command.


Beauty Supply
  • * 10% discount on all items

Sustainability starts here.

Secret Garden

  • * 10% discount on the entire menu (Callbox exclusive)

Poke bowl and good vibes.

Sexy Sup

  • * Intro SUP for P500.00/pax
  • * Sunset SUP for P1000.00/pax
  • * Self-powered island hopping for P1200.00/pax
  • * Mangrove exploration for P1500.00/pax
  • * Exclusive Fitness package for P2500.00/pax

Explore the watery wonders of nature.


  • * 10% discount for food and drink
  • * Free use of pool after purchasing food or drink until they offer accommodation

An epitome of premium pampering experience where beach and accommodation harmonize.

Sirena Spa

Beauty Lounge
  • * 10% discount for massages
  • * 15% discount on gel manicure and pedicure
  • * 20% discount for facial and lash lift

Beauty that's worth a siren's song.

Smoking Joint

  • * 10% discount on all food items
  • * Free use of facility for private such as team party, team gathering/meeting

Call your barbecue cravings satisfied.


  • * Sponsored classes

A place where wellness excels by offering a wide range of classes, from martial arts, surfing training, and more.

The Soul Shack

  • * Free coffee on any order
  • * No limited use

Where everything is food for the soul.


  • * Sponsored classes

Hustle for your muscle.

Tuf Barbershop

Barber shop
  • * 20% off on all haircut services and on all therapy services (scalp treatment, hot oil, dandruff control treatment)

An established barber shop bringing people swag with the right crown to pair.

Siargao Wakepark

  • * All employees can benefit 50% discount on our standard wakeboard rate.
  • * Currently we offer 1000php per hour, all gear inlcluded, in group sessions of 4 people maximum.
  • * So they can come wakeboard with the discounted rate of P500.00 per person, per hour.
  • * They can also avail our monthly promo for 2500php
  • * We can also offer a weekly class for 1500php per hour, good for 4 employees, minimum of 4 weeks.

Wakeboarding thrill that shivers your senses.


  • * 5% discount on breakfast and cafe

Tradition at its finest.


  • * 5% discount on all bulk products (pergram) and other selected products.
  • * Discounted products will still earn callboxers points to their Vinta Rewards Card

Serving you pastries you'll never get enough of.


  • * 15% off for a min order of 250

The vantage of the Pacific horizon unwinding your mind.

White Banana

  • * 10% discount on foods and drink (except for happy hour drinks)

Unwind and go all out.

White Beard

  • * 10% discount

A humble cafe bringing a sensational brewing experience for everyone.


  • * 15% discount

Expressing creativity through local cuisine.

White Beard

  • * 10% discount

A humble cafe bringing a sensational brewing experience for everyone.

White Beard

  • * 10% discount

A humble cafe bringing a sensational brewing experience for everyone.

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